Friday, 30 March 2007

Permaculture Course at Tanquian

This was great timing as my mum was here so my little girl had someone to look after her while I could go along to this finca and meet some Permaculture people. The finca is run and owned by Paul (an English man) and his wife Emily ( a German). Antonio from Permacultura Galicia had invited me along to meet everyone. They were running Module 1 of the course all about People Care. It was very in depth and at times I felt a little out of my depth especially as I was tuning into Spanish again! Lot´s of books to recommend but I´ve left my notes at home so I will add to this blog later. Paul and Emily are also WOOF hosts so if any of you fancy a visit they are a mind of information.

The loo with a view!

Hens and pond - I´ve got to go back to collect my first hen and cockeral in a few weeks.

This fencing gave me a great idea as I need to enclose some land and this is an economical way of doing it with the bits of wood I have all over the barn.

They have tried to run the place as a community and different people have come and gone

This is one of the houses that has been built in their woodland using available materials.

Solar energy is used to supply the cabins. Fires are a hazzard so the ground is cleared and used as compost or mulch.

This cabin was made up of part of a caravan.

Hemlock grows all over the place.

Inside one of the cabins and the grey water system.

Working on the Permaculture tree.


Paul Coletti said...

It sounds fantastically refreshing in every way Kerry. Of course I can see the hardship but your neighbours sound very helpful, esp. the two guys helping you prune the vines. They are valuable allies and I look forward to the first Lowes Du Rhone vintage.

Next step: free range pigs to eat the walnuts that drop on your garden.

Keep up the posting and pictures. It's a fab read and I hope to be over in Spain sometime.


Val said...

Hi Kerry
Love the post and pics!
Look forward to visiting sometime and will help with anything you need! Phil is the man for walls.....take a look at the pics on my blog!!!


George said...

Hi Kerry
Wow! You certainly sound busy at the minute. I hope to catch up with you once I move to Europe. Hope it all goes well for you and Megan

Nick said...

How come I didn't know about this blog before now Miss Kins? The pictures are great, it all looks very idyllic. You are turning into Felicity Kendall!

The Journey Begins

In actual fact the journey began some time ago. The Design course has reinforced decisions that had already been made and given me the tools to put together some sort of plan to make that first step a little less daunting. I returned from the two week course today and although extremely tired I have been so motivated not just by the course, but by the people I had the good fortune to meet, that I have created this blog. I owe a great deal of thanks to those people, for their inspiration, support and a great deal of laughter. I'm not sure what the outcomes will be, but I am sure it will be an interesting journey and welcome you to join me.